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about me
Michelle Lynn

Thanks for visiting my blog! How did I start a keto lifestyle? Well, the answer might sound funny, but my boyfriend has been on the keto diet for some time now and I never followed the meal plans with him. Long story short, after moving in together, I realized it is much easier to cook one meal for two than two meals for two! So here I am, experimenting with recipes, having fun and losing weight along the way. I don't write  the recipes, but I sure am good at following directions! Maybe one day I will be able to come up with some low carb goodies of my own. Stay tuned!

Now for a little more about me. I am currently working full time in the lighting industry, and sometimes it's hard to manage my food choices in between commuting and meetings. Keto is perfect for a busy lifestyle. The choices are endless and I've found that you can modify a meal just about anywhere to fit the plan. It's that versatile! 




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